Thursday, November 13, 2008

WOTLK and PPather

PPather and glider seem to be working just fine with wotlk, but you will most likely have to create your own task files because there aren't many public ones at the moment. Personally I am going to hand level to 80 for the first character to enjoy it. I figure by that time there will be some good public tasks and maybe even some 1-80's. I will be sure to keep you updated and I will continue to write guides for gliding and PPather in general so stay tuned.

-thank you

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

PPather Setup

Hey guys I just wanted to write everyone a quick guide to setting up glider with PPather. If this is your first time setting up PPather I recommend using a fresh install of glider. Keep in mind you must have a legit copy of Glider and you must have Glider elite enabled($5 a month)

Step1. Optional use a fresh install of glider download here put this in a new folder and set it up.

Step2. download eleky's auto installer of PPather here Run this app then choose your new glider folder and hit NEW INSTALL not update. This should set up PPather in your selected folder and it will download the needed dll files.

Step3. Unfortunately the PPather you have just installed is probably not up to date so you will have to download the updated files from here The current version is 1.04d beta 2 but if you need an update in the future it can be found here once you get these files just overwrite the ones in your glider root folder. And yes number 2 is a needed step this update does not come with the needed dll files.

Step4. Download a Custom Class from here make sure it is capable of using PPather (Mohawk for hunters, PShaman, all of the OOBER classes...etc.)

Step5. enable your custom class in glider and set it up for use. Most Custom classes have 2 different versions one for PPather and one for regular gliding. You can tell the difference because one will have a big P in the name probably. If this guide was successful the PPather window should popup.

Step6. Download task files from here and set them up for use. Simply edit them with notepad and then load them into PPather

Step7. More of a reminder than a step. you must have a glider profile loaded with at least 2 waypoints it will not use this profile but glider will not run unless a profile is loaded.

Step8. Set it and forget it. in my opinion PPather runs wonderfully but keep in mind it is a beta and there will be bugs. but don't get distraught 1.1 will be released soon and all will be well.

Hope this guide helped

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Using Glider with PPather

PPather with Glider

This blog is all about helping people set up glider with ppather. I will be writing several guides to help everyone to see that it is easy to setup and easy to use. Currently glider is in version 1.7.8 and ppather is in 1.04d beta 2. PPather will be releasing version 1.1 shortly and I am trying to get this site up and running with tutorials before then. Check back at any time I will be updating this site daily to help you all with your gliding needs.